Clip Updates


Eat your Cum for the New Girl

Thank you for coming to have a drink with Me. It’s so hard being the new Girl in the office but I noticed something about you when I first walked into the room. you want Me and I think that you may be able to make Me happy. I just love watching a guy eat his load. So will you do it for Me? I know you will! That’s not the only suprise your in store for today. Oh, by the way, I really want your office!


Devoted Footboys

I just love a good footboy. My foot worshippers are so diligent that they (sometimes) deserve a compliment or two. So sit back and worship My PERFECT Feet while I talk about how obedient you are and how you were made to worship My soles! 


Clean My Heels, foot bitch!

Using My personal footbitch after work. you suck and lick My Heels clean after a long day of walking and you FUCKING LOVE IT! Don’t forget to get the sweat off of My toes. Mhmm. you are such a good bitch. you’re going to crave this taste, now run along.


you Want To Make Me Happy

Do you know what it takes to make a girl like Me happy? C’mon, use that little brain of yours.. Money! That’s right, the only way you could make Me happy is with your cash. It’s so simple. And I know you just want to make Me smile. So do it. you deserve to PAY.


Million Dollar Baby.

you losers are always buying clips to please yourself and stroke away. What makes you think I want you to have all the fun? I want to laugh and I know just how to make that happen. I’m going to make you cry one punch to the balls at a time. Are you ready to cry to make your Princess happy? How can you resist My cute pink gloves and addictive laugh? Get ready for some pain!


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