Approaching Me on Niteflirt.

I have never really kept up with Niteflirt in the past but I am become more and more present there so I figured I would give you a little look into what you should do when you call Me.

1. Be direct with what you want from the call. If I don’t know you well, how am I supposed to give you the call that you’re paying for.. I don’t mind sitting on the line while you pay Me and fumble over your dick but don’t get upset when I can’t read your mind. Its simple, explain why you called Me ( if you’re into humiliation, what you like to be called, what specific type of humiliation, WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF THE CALL. If you’re calling about foot fetish, tell me what you like about feet or if you like foot humiliation or just JOI. etc.)

2. Give some kind of response. I don’t like talking to a wall. I love hearing My “phone voice” but that doesn’t work out too well when you give Me nothing to talk about.

3. ALWAYS. LEAVE. FEEDBACK. If you love My calls (and I know you do) leave 5 stars and a comment. It will get My listings out there and make Me want to take more calls.

4. If you want cam, it costs extra. Be prepared to spend and have your shit together.

5. Be on top of My lines. Add Me to your favorites. I don’t have the most open schedule so be ready to go when I sign on. That also means having your account loaded up!

** I don’t make it a habit of taking calls with the “free 3 minutes” unless you have sent a tribute ahead of time**

If you follow these steps, we will be just fine.

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