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Blackmailing My Roommate 
you are My roommate and you and My best friends, Jessica, just broke up. But don’t worry, you can tell Me anything and I won’t blab to her, roommates honor! She did, however, tell Me you have a foot fetish, it that true? Could you show Me? OH MY GOD. I totally have dirt on you now!

Worn Denim JOI 
Don’t you just love My new favorite jeans. I’ve been wearing them nonstop. Sadly, I have a huge hole right in the crotch but that hasn’t stopped Me from wearing them! It’s funny how much I paid for My jeans to look this old. Even more funny how much I can MAKE off of denim addicts like you. This drives you nuts. I bet you want to cum.. I’ll let you, you just have to admit how addicted you are!

you’re not special! 
YOU AREN’T SPECIAL. you have nothing going for you except for your wallet. But there are tons of slaves I can pick up and drain. Tons of boys with bigger and better wallets! So, don’t go on thinking that, just because you shell out some cash, you start to matter to Me. I don’t need you. I just WANT to drain you. I mean, take this guy for example, he bought me these designer Wolfords. $50 bucks just for these things! and do you think I care? NOPE. Because I’m a BITCH. It just makes you want to work harder and harder to be useful to Me! Keep trying. Keep spending. Just know that you ARE NOT SPECIAL!

New Year. Same Pathetic Loser! 
Let’s face it, the only thing out there for you tonight is a world of rejection. So, you are going to stay here and edge all night to My clips! I want you to buy ALL of My clips and stroke until midnight. When that clock hits 12, I want you to drain your bank account and cock for Me! What better way is there to ring in the New Year? Just sit back, listen some verbal humiliation, stroke, and SPEND!

Let Me Ease your Mind. 
you are submissive yet you keep trying to fight it. Let Me ease your subby brain. Whether you have a wife, religion, or are just afraid of being yourself. Let Me show you the way.
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