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Deep Throaters ONLY! 
I have had so many of you cock sucking wanna-be losers emailing Me begging to be whored out by Me. Most of you can only suck like 2 inches of dick, WHAT?! That isn’t going to cut it. What are you going to do when a BBC walks in?! So now it is time to practice your deep throating. Grab cucumber or a dildo and a marker and get to sucking. I only want the best of the best in My stable! I will not let your bad cocksucking mess with My bottom line ($$$$).

Reminder For My Ass Addicted WorkerBees 
I’m packing to go on a trip. As it should be.. And what are you doing?? Slaving away! HAHAH. I have such a wonderful life. I get to leave on a whim and I have wallets like you paying and paying! I don’t even have to do ANY work at this point. I just wanted to give you a little reminder of why you work so hard and LOVE IT!

Lap it up, puppy! CEI 
you would do anything to eat your cum! I know how sick you are! HAHAH. So, today you are going to be My obedient little puppy. I’m not going to let you lick your mess out of your hand like a normal perv. Get on all fours, bark, beg, and lap your mess up off of the ground. What a good puppy.. *Pats on the head*

Breaking The News To My Sisters Friend- SPH 
So, you’re waiting on My sis? What are ya’ll going to do today? Oh, you’re taking her out? That sounds fun. I’m just surprised to see you here.. I thought she was dating that other guy. Hm.. Oh, you don’t know about him. Ooops! Well, he only comes over at night. Oh, come on.. you MUST know why! Well, let Me break it to you.

Just To Make you Jealous 
Hey foot fans. Guess what some lucky boy is getting mailed to him.. MY FOOT DUST! How jealous are you? I just HAD to tease you for being so unlucky! Take this as motivation to save up and buy your own baggy of My Foot Crack!

Do Anything For My Tits 
Judging from My first tit worship clip, you losers are already becoming addicts for My breasts. I can’t believe how quickly you boys jumped all over that clip… Oh wait, yes I can. HAHAH. Every part of Me is perfect. So go ahead and stroke for My perky tits and tell Me that you would so anything for Them. Now, Cum in 3… 2… Oh, it would be wise to remember that your cumtax is $25.

I’ll Take The Risk 
There is a correlation between increased income and increased depression. It seems that a lot of lottery winners become more depressed and suicidal even. Crazy, huh? Well, I think that, just to be safe, you should give Me all of your disposable income so you remain a happy person. Don’t worry, I’ll be willing to take the risk. Just hand over all of your money to be safe! Don’t forget to say “Thank You.”

Humiliation Limbo: How Low Can you Go? WEEK 1 
I love seeing how low you losers will go in the name of servitude. I know I can make you morons do so many embarrassing things. This game is going to push you further and further, week by week. This is WEEK 1 which means it is going to be fairly simple. A little bit of pain. A little bit of preforming. And a lot of fun for Me. As the weeks go on, things are going to HEAT UP! Each week will have 5 tasks for you to complete for Me! Who knows what I’ll make you do in the weeks to come! I’m excited to see what unfolds.

you Hate your Dick 
I know you do. That pathetic pigtail gets you into so much trouble and you hate it. But you can’t help yourself. Everytime that “thing” twitches, you come running to Me. you are so controlled by your dick.. And W/we both know who controls your dick.. That’s right, I DO! you can’t get yourself out of this vicious cycle. Show Me how much you hate your pigtail. Hurt it for Me. Spit on it like I would. Tell your dick how much you hate it. Oh look, it’s getting harder isn’t it. HAHAHA!

Nothing But a Wallet 
you love Me so fucking much and I hate you! It’s so funny to Me! I only think of you as a wallet and that drives your obsession even further. Built to PAY!

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.58.11 PM


Click on the Gifs to be directed to My Clips4Sale studio.

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Blackmailing My Roommate 
you are My roommate and you and My best friends, Jessica, just broke up. But don’t worry, you can tell Me anything and I won’t blab to her, roommates honor! She did, however, tell Me you have a foot fetish, it that true? Could you show Me? OH MY GOD. I totally have dirt on you now!

Worn Denim JOI 
Don’t you just love My new favorite jeans. I’ve been wearing them nonstop. Sadly, I have a huge hole right in the crotch but that hasn’t stopped Me from wearing them! It’s funny how much I paid for My jeans to look this old. Even more funny how much I can MAKE off of denim addicts like you. This drives you nuts. I bet you want to cum.. I’ll let you, you just have to admit how addicted you are!

you’re not special! 
YOU AREN’T SPECIAL. you have nothing going for you except for your wallet. But there are tons of slaves I can pick up and drain. Tons of boys with bigger and better wallets! So, don’t go on thinking that, just because you shell out some cash, you start to matter to Me. I don’t need you. I just WANT to drain you. I mean, take this guy for example, he bought me these designer Wolfords. $50 bucks just for these things! and do you think I care? NOPE. Because I’m a BITCH. It just makes you want to work harder and harder to be useful to Me! Keep trying. Keep spending. Just know that you ARE NOT SPECIAL!

New Year. Same Pathetic Loser! 
Let’s face it, the only thing out there for you tonight is a world of rejection. So, you are going to stay here and edge all night to My clips! I want you to buy ALL of My clips and stroke until midnight. When that clock hits 12, I want you to drain your bank account and cock for Me! What better way is there to ring in the New Year? Just sit back, listen some verbal humiliation, stroke, and SPEND!

Let Me Ease your Mind. 
you are submissive yet you keep trying to fight it. Let Me ease your subby brain. Whether you have a wife, religion, or are just afraid of being yourself. Let Me show you the way.
Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.58.11 PM

A little bit of My December.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.18.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.17.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 8.08.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 8.09.18 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 8.09.30 PM


Some Amazon Tributes.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.16.40 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.16.34 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.16.23 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.16.06 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.16.00 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.14.24 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.14.17 PM


A ton of tributes on NiteFlirt. I don’t think that’s all of them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.44.57 PM


This is from a loser who sends a bunch of small tributes in a row that I didn’t feel like screen capping.



Ended up getting TWO new 50 inch TVs! MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS!

The end of 2014 was good to Me. Along with clip sales, too! I broke into the top 20 of Femdom and FemdomPOV  categories (I just need to get on a steady uploading schedule). Look at how fun it is to spend on Me. I totally advise that you give it a go! I always want more and MORE!

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Approaching Me on Niteflirt.

I have never really kept up with Niteflirt in the past but I am become more and more present there so I figured I would give you a little look into what you should do when you call Me.

1. Be direct with what you want from the call. If I don’t know you well, how am I supposed to give you the call that you’re paying for.. I don’t mind sitting on the line while you pay Me and fumble over your dick but don’t get upset when I can’t read your mind. Its simple, explain why you called Me ( if you’re into humiliation, what you like to be called, what specific type of humiliation, WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF THE CALL. If you’re calling about foot fetish, tell me what you like about feet or if you like foot humiliation or just JOI. etc.)

2. Give some kind of response. I don’t like talking to a wall. I love hearing My “phone voice” but that doesn’t work out too well when you give Me nothing to talk about.

3. ALWAYS. LEAVE. FEEDBACK. If you love My calls (and I know you do) leave 5 stars and a comment. It will get My listings out there and make Me want to take more calls.

4. If you want cam, it costs extra. Be prepared to spend and have your shit together.

5. Be on top of My lines. Add Me to your favorites. I don’t have the most open schedule so be ready to go when I sign on. That also means having your account loaded up!

** I don’t make it a habit of taking calls with the “free 3 minutes” unless you have sent a tribute ahead of time**

If you follow these steps, we will be just fine.

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I have been having to take time for school but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been filming, updating, and doing a little extracurricular raping. Old butt-bitch is back for a bit of spending. Some obedient losers have gladly bought My boyfriend birthday gifts which is just TOO FUCKING CUTE, fags. I am planning on signing on to niteflirt more so get those wallets ready! As for right now, here are My new clips:

  dangle BeatMyTimer Obsession WhyYoureHere

And those are just the gifs! Let your dick lead the way to My clip store and SPEND!




Clip Updates


Eat your Cum for the New Girl

Thank you for coming to have a drink with Me. It’s so hard being the new Girl in the office but I noticed something about you when I first walked into the room. you want Me and I think that you may be able to make Me happy. I just love watching a guy eat his load. So will you do it for Me? I know you will! That’s not the only suprise your in store for today. Oh, by the way, I really want your office!


Devoted Footboys

I just love a good footboy. My foot worshippers are so diligent that they (sometimes) deserve a compliment or two. So sit back and worship My PERFECT Feet while I talk about how obedient you are and how you were made to worship My soles! 


Clean My Heels, foot bitch!

Using My personal footbitch after work. you suck and lick My Heels clean after a long day of walking and you FUCKING LOVE IT! Don’t forget to get the sweat off of My toes. Mhmm. you are such a good bitch. you’re going to crave this taste, now run along.


you Want To Make Me Happy

Do you know what it takes to make a girl like Me happy? C’mon, use that little brain of yours.. Money! That’s right, the only way you could make Me happy is with your cash. It’s so simple. And I know you just want to make Me smile. So do it. you deserve to PAY.


Million Dollar Baby.

you losers are always buying clips to please yourself and stroke away. What makes you think I want you to have all the fun? I want to laugh and I know just how to make that happen. I’m going to make you cry one punch to the balls at a time. Are you ready to cry to make your Princess happy? How can you resist My cute pink gloves and addictive laugh? Get ready for some pain!